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monitor interface traffic in cisco sdwan

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To monitor interface traffic on a Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) device, you can use various CLI commands to view real-time statistics, historical data, or configure monitoring settings. Here are some common commands and techniques to monitor interface traffic:

  1. Show Interface Statistics:

    Use the show interface <interface_name> command to view real-time statistics for a specific interface. This command displays information such as input/output packets, errors, drops, bandwidth utilization, and more.


    vEdge# show interface ge0/0
  2. Show Interface Traffic:

    The show interfaces traffic command provides a summary of traffic statistics for all interfaces on the device. This command displays information such as input/output packets, bytes, errors, drops, bandwidth utilization, and more.


    vEdge# show interfaces traffic
  3. Monitor Real-Time Traffic:

    Use the monitor traffic interface <interface_name> command to monitor real-time traffic on a specific interface. This command continuously displays information about incoming and outgoing packets, including source/destination IP addresses, ports, packet sizes, and more.


    vEdge# monitor traffic interface ge0/0
  4. Capture Packet Traces:

    You can capture packet traces on specific interfaces using the monitor capture command. This command allows you to capture packets for troubleshooting purposes or to analyze network traffic.


    vEdge# monitor capture interface ge0/0 start

    After capturing packets, you can stop the capture and view the captured data using appropriate commands.

  5. Enable SNMP Monitoring:

    Configure SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) to monitor interface traffic and other network statistics remotely. SNMP allows you to collect data from Cisco SD-WAN devices and monitor them using network management software.

    Example SNMP configuration:

    vEdge# conf t
    vEdge(config)# snmp-server
    vEdge(config-snmp)# host <SNMP_server_IP> version 2c <community_string>

These commands provide various ways to monitor interface traffic on Cisco SD-WAN (Viptela) devices, allowing you to troubleshoot network issues, analyze traffic patterns, and ensure optimal performance. Adjust the commands as needed based on your specific requirements and the version of software running on your device.

Posted : 06/05/2024 12:45 am