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How to display real-time statistics and monitoring data related to various system resources on the Paloalto firewall

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In Palo Alto Networks firewalls, the command show running resource-monitor minute is used to display real-time statistics and monitoring data related to various system resources on the firewall. This command provides a snapshot of resource utilization over the past minute, allowing administrators to assess the current load and performance of the device. Here’s how you can use this command:

Using the Command:

  1. Access the CLI:

    • Log in to the Palo Alto Networks firewall using SSH, Telnet, or the console cable.
  2. Enter Operational Mode:

    • Switch to operational mode by entering the following command:

      > operational mode
  3. Execute the Command:

    • Use the show running resource-monitor minute command to display the minute-by-minute resource usage statistics:
      > show running resource-monitor minute

Output Interpretation:

When you execute this command, you typically see output similar to the following, which provides statistics for various system resources:

Resource Utilization (Resources: 1, Threshold: 85%, Time: 2023-06-15 14:27:10 UTC)
  Resource           Utilization (%)            Peak (5 min)            Peak Time
  CPU                  20.30                        30.10              14:24:23 UTC
  Memory               65.80                        70.20              14:24:23 UTC
  Session              48.30                        50.10              14:24:23 UTC
  Buffer               22.40                        25.60              14:24:23 UTC
  Session Tbl          35.50                        40.00              14:24:23 UTC
  Session Util         52.20                        55.00              14:24:23 UTC
  TCP Proxy            10.00                        12.00              14:24:23 UTC
  UDP Proxy            5.50                         7.20               14:24:23 UTC
  ICMP Proxy           1.20                         1.50               14:24:23 UTC
  DNS Proxy            2.50                         3.00               14:24:23 UTC

Explanation of Fields:

  • Resource: Specifies the type of resource being monitored (e.g., CPU, Memory, Sessions).
  • Utilization (%): Current utilization percentage of the resource.
  • Peak (5 min): Highest utilization observed within the last 5 minutes.
  • Peak Time: Time at which the peak utilization occurred.


  • Real-time Monitoring: Helps administrators monitor the firewall's current load and performance.
  • Capacity Planning: Assists in identifying trends and potential issues before they impact operations.
  • Troubleshooting: Provides insights into resource bottlenecks during performance issues or abnormal traffic patterns.

By using show running resource-monitor minute, administrators can gain valuable insights into how effectively the firewall is handling its workload and whether any adjustments or optimizations are necessary to maintain optimal performance and security.

Posted : 15/06/2024 2:18 pm